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The Renaissance of a Family Home at Le Bourget du Lac

AGEOCA? It is the story of a family united around promising young Chef Antoine Cevoz-Mamy, born in 1990. Antoine joined the Savoy Hotel in 2015 ran by his parents Georges and Catherine, sister Roxane and brother-in-law Fernando. He takes over the reins of the kitchen with the ambition to give this family home a new inspiration.

When his father unexpectedly passed way in 2016, he renamed it “Ageoca”: “A” for Antoine, “geo” in homage to his father Georges, and “ca” for Catherine his mother.

In the restaurant, which accommodates roughly 30 guests – seating is composed along the windows offering views of the nearby Lake Bourget – Antoine composes a subtle yet inspired cuisine, showcasing the products of the local marketplace.

Antoine et Roxane Cevoz-Mamy

*The dishes we offer are served according to the availability of ingredients necessary for their preparation.
As we are looking for local and seasonal products, one dish may be replaced by another during your visit.

Ageoca Plat
Ageoca Plat
Antoine Cevoz-Many

Antoine CEVOZ-MAMY, a Young Chef Nourished by a True Journey

After training in traditional hotel and culinary programs, Antoine traveled the world for ten years, forming relationships with leading chefs on his journey. Each helped instill the craft and guide him as he developed his own identity. Boris Campanella introduced him to the rigor and demands but also the poetry, the delicacy of lake fish at Château de Candie* in Chambéry. With Philippe Labbé, at Shangri-La** in Paris, he grew aware of intellectual dimension and creativity. Arnaud Bignon aided in his development of his sensory skills and the art of sauces at Greenhouse** in London. And Yoann Conte** in Veyrier du Lac, guided Antoine on management methods and knowledge of mountain herbs.

Boldness, a Zest of Excitement with a Poetic Touch

An olfactory and gustatory palette that sometimes surprises, but sounds right and draws unsuspected balance. Enchantment for the palate, an art of awakening the senses, while gaining ones attention. Cooking in perpetual effervescence, which develops our imagination, and returns us to a form of purity and innocence.

In 2015, Antoine returned home to the banks of Lake Bourget to take over from his father. Since then he has written his own score: a unique cuisine, passionate, complex, bright and obvious which combines a mastery of cooking and a hint of excitement … mastered. Preferring seasonal produce from the Savoyard environment, he also profiles the exotic, such as the hibiscus with Saint Jacques, curry with Saint Pierre or caramel of soya with veal; souvenirs of travels around the world. A cosmopolitan side that can be found alongside his peers and the culinary professionals who helped guide his formation.

Cuisine of Instinct, Delicacy and Dreamlike

On a daily basis, Antoine lets his heart and sensitivity speak – to create an association of flavors and fragrances never seen before, yet always in harmony. A drive for balance; seeking out culinary arrangements with a precision of cooking styles and seasonings. Sensitivity found in the dressage of his compositions, visually elegant, where each dish – composed as a table – first sketched in pencil before being realized and staged on the plate.

Through his creations, Antoine invites his guests on a unique sensory journey: truffle macaroon, sweet heart of gazpacho with Andalusian flavors, pan-fried foie gras with rutabaga cream and a golden ball turnip brunoise with honey and asparagus green served warm. Braised veal tenderloin, smoked eel, and spring onions with soy caramel. A burst of flavors, between streaming energy and refinement!

Respect for the product

For Antoine Cevoz-Mamy, fresh products and regional providers are a necessary. Vegetables and fruits come from local producers, including the Tremblay cooperative, but also from Ageoca’s own garden where our herbs grow. Each product is distilled in order to extract the essence. Thus, the turnip is pureed, glazed white and raw chips. Petals, root and pistils of Jerusalem artichoke flowers are used to reveal an unexpected sweet taste of milk chocolate. Ageoca offers lake fish from Maison Charles Murgat in Beaufort in Isère, including rainbow trout. Or the Arctic Char, undisputed prince of Lake Bourget, served with a pine crust – between tenderness and crispy. The Lavaret, a delicate regional specialty, is delivered four times a week by amateur fishermen from Lake Aiguebelette and by Mickaël Ranson, a professional angler from Brison Saint Innocent. The Scallops are called “Diving” because they are individually hand-picked from the sea bottom for a more sustainable harvest. Artisanal cheeses are provided by the young and talented Romain Guibert from Aix les Bains. And our butter it comes from Beaufortain.

“Tables des Vins” – A Wine List Worthy of Haut Gastronomy

Over time, the selection and wine offerings have become more refined, advanced and expanded. Rightfully, Savoie is in the spotlight with the Mondeuse and Chignin-Bergeron the complexity of Louis Magnin, often found with the older vintages. The vineyards of Apremont are magnified by Jean-Claude Masson, a true artist. Dominique Belluard reveals the full potential of Gringet, in an organic approach. The Domaine Dupasquier expresses the Sudiste de Jongieux character from the Rhône Valley, just behind the Dent du Chat dominating the Ageoca.

The Rhône Valley – geographically and culturally close – is particularly showcased, offering some truly high- quality wines, some of which are rare (Hermitage and Saint Joseph by Jean-Louis Chave, Côte Rôtie de Jamet or François Villard, Châteauneuf du Pape de Rayas or Clos Mont Olivet, Gigondas Saint Cosme, not to mention Gourt de Mautens …).

Throughout France, wine lists present vision, favoring racy or singular terroirs, and inspired interpretations of winemakers. As evidenced by its openness, Ageoca also offers its guests wines from five continents.

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