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Invitation to the dream

Lake Bourget, immortalized by Lamartine and the writers of the 19th century (Honoré de Balzac, Sand Georges, Guy de Maupassant), is still considered today the flagship of romantic poetry. Surrounded by majestic mountains (La Dent du Chat on one side with Mount Revard Bauges opposite), the lake provides a setting that lends itself to daydream, an invitation to take ones time and relax. Offering visitors a multitude of landscapes, between shimmering and mysterious shores, wooded mountains, and steep vineyards without neglecting the fishing villages, thermal spas, Roman remains and the “Belle Époque” architecture found in Aix-Les-Bains.

Largest Natural Lake in France

18 km long, 45 km2 in surface and a depth exceeding 150 m, Lake Bourget is of glacial origin and considered the wildest of the lakes of Savoie. Its west bank, renamed “wild coast”, is where the mountain falls steeply into the water, revealing small coves and beaches, it is uninhabited and inaccessible by the land. Additionally, thanks to a preserved ecosystem, the reed beds in the north are home to ducks, coots, grebes, water hens, herons and even some cormorants.

At the heart of the Riviera des Alpes, Lake Bourget can be enjoyed all along the lakefront, thanks to its many beaches, with clear waters that can reach 26 ° C in summer. Offering water and seaside pleasures or taking it in from one of the many lookouts that surround the lake. From the Belvedere de Grumeau, and its view point looking over the Abbey of Hautecombe and the majestic necropolis of the Duchy of Savoie.

Abbaye de Hautecombe (Etienne Veuillet)
Abbaye de Hautecombe (Etienne Veuillet)
La Chambotte et le Lac du Bourget (Gilles Lansard)

Gourmet Destination in the Heart of Historic Savoie and at the Gateway to the Alps

For decades gastronomy has been part of the reputation of Lake Bourget. Between Michelin-starred chefs and great restaurants, it’s no coincidence that the city has been labeled “Cité Gourmande Lacustre”. No town in the Savoie department is as famous for the art of living and the culinary potential of the lakeside.

Let’s not forget that from the Middle Ages to the Duchy of Savoie, the Lake Bourget region has been an exciting territory, with a rich heritage, culinary, natural and cultural. Today Ageoca welcomes Lake Bourget holidaymakers in search of preserved nature and romance, Ageoca is also a great choice for winter sports enthusiasts, eager to prolong their stay with a gastronomic journey.

A Lake Celebrated by Great Poets

Lake Bourget is a vast, chipped mountain peak where, seven or eight hundred feet above the Mediterranean, a drop of blue water shines like no other water in the world.”

Honoré de Balzac

Ten minutes later, we were at Lake Bourget […] It is truly a marvel that the lakes of Savoy with their blue and transparent waters that show the bottom at eighty feet deep.

Alexandre Dumas (Father)

Port d’Aix les Bains (C. Baudot)

One evening, do you remember? We sailed in silence;
No one heard far off, on the waves and under the skies,
That the sound of the rowers striking in rhythm
Your harmonious waves….
“O time, suspend your flight, and you, auspicious hours!
Suspend your course:
Let us savor the quick delights
Some of the most beautiful nowadays!